This is the relationship between Black Ice and Jesse the Echidna.


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Black Ice: * holding a glittering chaos emerald *

Jesse came up stealthily behind her and said, "Don't be so sure you're gonna get away with that."

Black Ice: * icy stare * Hmph

Jesse laughed. "You aren't leaving with that."

Black Ice: Pfft, yeah right.

"Well, there's one exit. And I'm standing in front of it. So, I don't think you will be."

Black Ice: * freezes him *

Jesse's frozen body was still blocking off the door.

Black Ice: -_- * pushes the frozen body out of the way *

The ice around Jesse broke on the floor and he promptly jump kicked into Black Ice.

Black Ice: * kicks him into wall *

Jesse coughs and smiles. "You can't kill me. That's just a fact." He rears up, ready to fight.

Black Ice: * takes a blade out of her pocket and throws it at him *

Jesse caught it and threw it back easily.

Black Ice ducked under it, and it stabbed the wall behind her. " Nice try, but you'll have to do a little better than THAT, " she said, and took off with the emerald.

Jesse wordlessly chased her down. They were roughly the same speed, so Black Ice stayed a bit in front of him.

Black Ice turned around and ran backwards, giving him one less finger than the peace sign.

This move gave Jesse the edge. People run slower backwards, and this simple fact allowed him to catch up with Black Ice and tackle her to the ground.

Black Ice kicked him below the belt, b**ch slapped him, anything she could do to get him off.

Although the kick to the nuts hurt him, Jesse wasn't about to give up. He punched back, hard.

Black Ice bled in the face, and lost so much she bean to lose conciousness...

"Uh..." Jesse said. "Are you...okay?" Jesse may have been a dick, but he was no murderer.

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