Borake is an evil hedgehog that is on a quest for the most powerful attacks. The more that he uses any of his attacks, the stronger and more effecient they become. He has begun his quest for power when he was only 12, and he would search for chemicals that would give him new abilities. He persuaded Chaylene, a fire-breathing snake, to aid him, in return that he would give her enhanced poison abilities. Later he captured Kenzaze, but he escaped with a cybernetic suit.


[[[]]hide]*1 Description


  • Height: 3'8
  • Weight: 75
  • Age: ?
  • Fur Color: Light blue
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Pale blue
  • Species: Hegehog
  • Gender: Male
  • Likes: Power, gaining new abilitites
  • Dislikes: Kenzaze, Zyde, anyone who holds him back
  • Love Interest: No one
  • Theme:



Fire Blast[4]EditEdit

Level 10

Fire Orb[5]EditEdit

Level 9

Dark Fire[6]EditEdit

Level 7

Flame Shield[7]EditEdit

Level 11


Dark Control[9]EditEdit

Level 15

Dark Chaos Spear[10]EditEdit

Level 10

Dark Dagger[11]EditEdit

Level 12

Dark Rift[12]EditEdit

Level 15

Super Forms[13]EditEdit

Ultimate Borake[14]EditEdit

This is the form he will most likely never reach, because all of his abilities must be perfected.

Dark Borake[15]EditEdit

This is the dark version of Borake, and most of his fur turns black in this state, and all of his fire attacks are made up out of Dark Fire.

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