Capt. was created by Sarge's mother's DNA in a old science lab in Emerald City.When he was created he imediatly caused destruction.When he was young he was never in baby form or anything he was an adult hedgehog his hole life.He is not an ultimate life he can die if his weakness are powerful enough.He has always seem to frown or keep his mouth far away from a smile. ModernEdit Now a days Capt. resigns at Emerald City.He still kills and robs many things.He now seems to smile but only when things are going his way, its more like a smirk.He is silent and seemingly scary to others who he seems to talk to. He is now hero thanks to the help of his brother. Capt seems to have stopped all evil behavior but still tends to have thoughts of going back to the way he was.

Villain switch to HeroEdit

One day Capt was laying back with Sarge. He was too lazy to fight or bite Sarge. Then Selenia came and cracked some jokes with the three. Capt then started to smile (for his first time). He seemed to have switched sides for the better. He then helps his brother to help the world. Though his villainous side is still in his veins.

Vampire transformationEdit

When Capt was a kid (even though by then he looked like an adult) he had a tad craving for blood. His k-9 teeth were long and perfect for biting. He never smiled or even tried to because of his large teeth. He keeps his mouth closed. When he became 24 he acted odder and attacked a child and nearly sucked all his blood. Capt had venomous saliva which causes his prey to die after 2 days. The venom was a mix of black widow spider venom and rattle snake venom. When come halloween 2010 he had bitten Pain which allowed venom to process in his body. The only cure to this venom is Sarge's cure magic that only works in contact with Capt's poison. How ever Capt is imune to all the weaknesses of an ordinary vampire. He can survive light and garlic. This power may be a problem because Capt will get hungry every 6 hours. As a hero Capt dislikes sucking blood. The venom is supposed to leave his saliva, but it's still there.


Death, Losing his only friends and Heights.


Sergeant Master Capt. BangkokEdit

Enemies for years.The two haven't seen each other since 7th grade, but then Capt insisted he find Sarge again. After three months Sarge and Capt reunited as brothers forever. Thanks to Selenia and Sarge's happy laughter.

Nova The WolfEdit

This all began after Sarge formed a team called Team FTW. Which then Nova killed him but he was revived by his brother. He then confronted Nova again to explain the error that she did to Sarge. Which made her and Sarge nicer and more of a challenge. Capt may be willing to help her if he wishes since his switch of sides. Capt just wishes Nova leaves him alone. Capt thinks of her as a rabbid fan girl.

Lightning "Selenia" BlisslightEdit

Capt seems to play around with Selenia. He is calm and very happy around her and Sarge. She and Sarge stopped his emo side and switched him from a villain to a hero. Capt seems to show love against her. Capt also view's her as his best friend and a great ally.

Evil Captain Leader Mast. LegkokEdit

Evil Capt was made after a paradox started. Evil Capt wanted to destroy the Good Capt because of what he's done and all of his changes. How ever Capt killed the Evil Capt. The Evil Capt is rumored to be revived.

Evil SargeEdit

Capt feels bad for Evil Sarge. Ever since his death Capt hasn't really felt the dark side from Sarge. Evil Sarge was a well respected person to Capt.


Combat (black belt actually) Dodgeing Sensesing anger Sucking blood Blocking


Before Capt used to have a demonic sounding voice. Now his voice is slightly lighter but still dark and serious.


Blows to the head Chaos Control Eating Garlic Way too much sunlight


Darkness Poison (except for Evil Capts Poison) Acid Warmth (thats why he weres a lot of clothing at times)


Sergeant Master Capt. Bangkok (Younger brother)

Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight (Best friend and romantic interest)

Nova the Wolf

Licko the Telekinetic Hedgehog (At times)

Memphis the Shining Demonhog


Gale (probably rumered to be true)

Licko the Telekinetic Hedgehog (arch enemy)

Evil Captain Leader Mast. Bangkok (Stricktly against, arch enemy)

Vampiric Side

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