Isaiah The red wolf is a 9-year-old wolf/coyote hybrid. He first appeared (outer roblox) is Chaos Quest, episode 3.

Major AppearancesEdit

Isaiah's biggest appearances are in Sonic X (episode 20) regenerated and Chaos Quest (episode 3). The only websites Isaiah appeared was roblox, DeviantART and Sonic Fanon wiki.


Isaiah The red wolf was born on Ice Paradise and raised in green hill. He goes on many adventures, and has the strength of Knuckles. He'll defend his friends however he can. He is able to do special powers, hence energy attacks. Originally a Villian, Isaiah Gave up his ways and came to his sences. One day, Isaiah was kidnapped, while he was still young. He wasn't heard from ever again. While he was Rage's "servant", Shred freed Isaiah and killed Rage (The Unknown). Isaiah became cyborg due to the power implanations Rage put him in.

Axel The HedgehogEdit

The biggest of Isaiah's rivals. Axel (possibly) intentionally insults Isaiah, and got the whole Axel-Isaiah Conflict started. It died down, but Isaiah still doesn't trust Axel, and he strongly hates him, but doesn't show his hate. However, it started and ended quickly, luckily. Ironically, (since Bluray was being ignorant) Isaiah called Axel a recolor (which he isn't, now), but Axel was too, hence he looked like a blue powerless Sonic, with clothing. Axel, you're a d***head. Along with your creator.

Jesse The EchidnaEdit

Isaiah would refer Jesse as a friend of his. Isaiah has never really had any problems with him, nor did Jesse have any with Isaiah, so that's why Jesse has a reference on this article.

Rage The UnknownEdit

Isaiah hates him as much as he hates Doomsday. Read above.


The best way do describe Isaiah is cocky yet caring.

Sonic X: RegeneratedEdit

Isaiah first appeared Episode 20, the same appearance as Pinky, Ironically. He was said to be a Minor character, but was soon left, then left (now that ITH left Sonic fanon wiki), and may come back sometime through October 2011- May 2012. He may come back through the episodes in Late October.


Isaiah's voice actor is deseased, his voice actor is Lesane Parish Crooks (Tupac Amaru Shakur). His next voice actor may be either Chris rock or Kel Mitchell.

Isaiah's name is from the bible (prophet Isaiah).

If Isaiah appeared in Sonic and The Black Knight (officially), his name would be Sir Dredsel, littlerally, ironically meaning "dreadful Edsel". An Edsel is a division vechicle created by Henry Ford's Son, Edsel Bryant Ford made in 1957.

Equivalenty, Edd from Eddsworld is Edd Gould's animated counterpart as Isaiah is to Isaiah DaVaughn Carr.

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