Kenzaze is a mobian lion that has special nerves attached to his tail, and speaks with an Asian-Indian accent. They can bond with any material, so he can move it. Materials include most solids and liquids. His cybernetic suit gives him strength and agility. He used to be a normal Mobian lion living in Southern Mobius, but he was captured by Borake to be used as a minion. Borake gave him a cybernetic suit, but Kenzaze escaped, and Borake has ever since tryed to recapture him or destroy him before he becomes more powerful than himself.


[[[]]hide]*1 Description


  • Height: 3'7
  • Weight: 96
  • Fur Color: Red and orange
  • Species: Lion
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Dark Green
  • Nemisis: Borake
  • Voice: India
  • Romantic Interest: He has a crush on Zyde


Kenzaze tends to be positive, about pople, life, and the current situation. He will always help someone in need, and rarely ever gets angry. Unfortunately, he can be a little bit of a pervert.

Times he's acted perverted[3]EditEdit

  • All the times he's stared at Zyde.
  • When Zyde came over with a floatation device and he said " That makes three of them ".






Nerve Control

Super Sonic Bound

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