Seema is an obnoxious cat who continuously attempts to steal the Vortex Emeralds, along with Roxanne the Alligator and Black Arrow. She has a small crush on Black Arrow, who also likes her. She first started when her mother taught her to steal so she could save them from poverty. But this turned out to make her daughter a major theif, and she stole whether they had enough money or not, causing her to be imprisoned. She broke Roxanne and Black Arrow out of prison in return that they help her with her thefts, and Seema is now the leader of the Carnage Clan.


Seema is the meanest and most obnoxious character I ever made. She is afraid of people stronger than her, but she tends to hid it by tormenting them emotionally and physically. She thinks that no one is better than her at most things, which of course is not true. The reason that she might be like this is because she was always fighting for dominance in prison, and tried to make others believe there was no way to surpass her.


  • Height: 3'7
  • Weight: 65
  • Fur: Gray
  • Hair: Red
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Likes: Stealing, tormenting people, riding her gear, beer
  • Dislikes: Just about anyone
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Gray Cat
  • Romantic Interest: possibly Black Arrow
  • Voice: Bratty
  • Ability Type: Agility

Wrathful SeemaEdit

In this form, her fur is different shades of red, and she grows wings. This is usually inflicted by rage, sadness, or fear.

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