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Sarge once was the most feared bully in Emerald City until his switch of opinion. Sarge changed his mind about most of the things he was doing. He found him self to be full of evil when he was bullying. So he turned against it. Sarge is now a anti hero searching to solve his problems


Not much is known about the Sarges past what is known is that he was an orphan. He was a tough child but he did share his weaknesses. He was adopted by Distructor He called him his father.Dist and Sarge didn't get along so much, but Sarge was happy he was adopted and by his quotes "Ugh I hate my real mom and dad, they're nerds Dist is the real dad I've wanted". Sarge dreamed to be famous and have a band.


Sarge is now an infected mutant with anger issues who will most likely kill people then save them.

Path to Anti-Heroism

Sarge has been infected by dark plasma which makes him act differently and gives him added strength and aggression.


  • Mostly light powers


  • Darkness
  • being cut
  • plasma
  • Being alone


Ever since a new dark era has entered him nothin can fear him


Sarge hasn't been seen yet


Nova the Wolf

Sarge and Nova were first rivals. Soon Sarge's rival gave him an idea to form a team call Team FTW. Sarge then fought Nova to regain her normal side. It seems later that Sarge was overwhelmed too. Nova then saved him and the two became powerful allies


The Sarge doesn't talk to EXP much, but when they are around each other Sarge tends to be very serious and not look like a fool.

Gold the Hedgehog

When Sarge met Gold all he wanted to do was just get the hell out of school.Sarge then helped Gold and the 2 became partners. Now a days the two barely speak.

Road Runner the Hedgehog

One day Sarge went to school and met a new Hedgehog.Sarge then thought "This guy....He looks like me".It also has been known that Sarge was sometimes mistaken for Road Runner.

Phaaze the Hedgecat

Sarge's daily nerd.Sarge dislikes Phaaze because He controls Phazon which is deadly to Sarge.Sarge also showed hate for Phaaze by giving him a Texas Wedgie and also hanging him up a pole.

Eric the Hedgehog

Sarge has to get a long with Eric in order to save his school and other worlds to help out those in need.

Captain Leader Master. Legkok

Sarge hated Legkok for years.Legkok's real name is Andrew.Sarge hated Capt. because he always tried his best to steal Sarges credit.Sarge and Capt haven't seen each other since 7th grade. Sarge then helped Capt become a better person which he did. The brothers were united again

Licko the Telekinetic Hedgehog

Sarge's favorite nerd. Sarge and Licko are friends even though Sarge treats him like crap. Sarge had small respect for Licko. They are now a part of team FTW.

Evil Sarge

Sarge has treated Evil Sarge with respect. Evil Sarge was deceased but Sarge still remembered a neutral hero inside. Sarge says "He was a good guy he didn't deserve death". Sarge did have respect for Evil Sarge.

Evil Captain Leader Mast. Bangkok

Sarge and Evil Capt has a rivalry but it is kept hidden. Sarge doesn't Like evil Capt but when he needs him Sarge is more than welcome him to be an ally. These two seem to ignore each other a lot.


  • Screw this
  • Useless idiots
  • Need I say more
  • Miss me
  • Bangkok o' furry!!!!!
  • Move son!
  • Will you back off
  • Damn!
  • Well I am British which means I'm awesome
  • I know you're crushin on this!
  • Don't lie I am charming
  • Heh heh heh...I hate school
  • No I love Emerald City it can't die!
  • Have we met?
  • Hello I'm Sergeant Master Captain. Bangkok and you are?
  • Need I introduce myself?

Abilities and Skills


Running over 600 MPH




Home attacking






Air stomping

Air Combat

Karate skills

Somersault kick

Dark claws

dark moves

Voice and style

Sarge's voice is British but it sounds as though American. Sarges voice accent is 70%: American and 71% British. Sarge seems to sound like any British Teenager would sound like. Sarge's style has to do with 2 different colors: Red and Indigo. Sarge has a love for anything Red or Indigo. his voice is now more demonic and he no longer shares interest in colors


Gold the Hedgehog

Road runner the hedgehog

Nova the Wolf (Ally and a team member, also good friend)

Dismal the Hedgehog (lil bud)

Captain Leader Mast. Legkok (older brother)

Gale the Hedgehog

Evil Sarge (deceased)

Evil Capt (at times)




Phaaze the Hedgecat (maybe)

Metal Road runner

Evil Captain Leader Mast. Bangkok


  • Pocket knife (for some objects that need to be cut)
  • AK-47
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Boom-Stick
  • Mini Vulcan

Super forms

Dark Killer

This form was first used when Sarge had went corrupt with anger. Sarge seems to use this form to scare his enemies and or killing them with his monster like teeth. This form was used for evil, but then used for good (See roleplay team FTW). This form can also destroy darkness users or anything that contains high energy plates of darkness.


This is Sarge's most stable and powerful super forms. This is Sarge's true super form. This form is much more stable than the other forms, reason being is because Sarge is in control of the form 100%. This form was used a lot less then then Dark Killer. This form has the power to control time and speed.


  • Sarge is both Captain and Sergeant which is not possible.
  • Sarges real name is Rally Bangkok.
  • Sarge got his appearance from the Spider-Man costume.
  • Sarge is british concluding he speaks in a british accent.He doesn't speak a heavy british accent though.

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