She was born in Northern Mobius in a distant forest, and her father, Zode, abused her. When Zode told her that he had killed her mother, she took her brother Claw, who was reluctant to leave with her and ran away to East Mobius. When her father realized they were missing he flew all over Mobius searching for them so he could kill them for deserting him. When Zode found them there, they fled to a remote forest, where they discovered Bade, a shy and lonely bat, and befriended him. Then on, they called themselves the Rouge Unit. Zode still pursued them, hoping that they would not discover the Vortex Emeralds and over-power him. They eventually found the Vortex Emeralds when they were looking for food, and Zyde knew that they could make Zode more powerful, and able to destroy Mobius. So they guarded them day and night, then Sonic and Tails came along and helped her guard them. The Babylon Rogues tried to find out what they were, but ended up helping Zyde to protect them. She developed a crush on Storm, and he liked her back. Zode soon came back, and she tore out his dragon's heart and he at once forgot everything that has ever happened. He is no longer evil and has reunited with Cora. Then the Carnage Clan came along and continuously attempted to steal the Vortex Emeralds, but have always failed.

She is now training so she can better her abilities. She is also trying to create new fighting tactics and is learning some weak points of the body.

The Dragons OvertakeEdit

In her sleep, the same dragon mass that controlled her father bonded with her, and changed her fur to the color white. Seeing this Darkness knew that it was not good, and soon the dragon mass took over her temporarily, but knowing Darkness's strength, it resided for a while. Zyde started training under Darkness, but it tried to take over Coro, her son.


  • Height: 4'6
  • Weight: 84
  • Age: 20
  • Fur Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Voice: Gothic
  • Attire: Red and black shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes with red stripes, black and red fingerless gloves
  • Likes: Adventures, her friends, The Rouge Unit, the Vortex Emeralds
  • Dislikes: Her enemies, the Carnage Clan ( somewhat ), Borake, Kenzaze,
  • Love Interest:Storm the Albatross
  • Theme: " Give it up "
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Ferret
  • Ability Type: Strength/Transformation/Agility


Her temper has gotten worse the more Zode abused her, and it left her emotionally scarred. Her anger can be very dangerous and usually leads to physical harm. She can be sadistic, but she usually does not go as far as killing someone. She is very courageous, and if someone picks a fight with her, they will pay the consequences for it. Her personality is finally starting to soften now that she has a few friends, and she is not hurting Claw as much as she used to. She also has a pretty foul mouth, and frequently cusses.



Claw is Zyde's brother, whom she took with him when she ran away. He for some reason enjoys embaressing her. He is usually beaten up by Zyde when he angers her, with her most prominent attacks being kicking him in the groin and punching him, but she hates it when anyone else beats him up. She even one time scared the crap out of him with one of her pranks. She still cares for him since he is still her brother and will sometimes even protect him.


Zode is Zyde's father, he abused her when she was young. He tracked her down when she ran away, and was later temporarily killed by Zyde, but woke up and was no longer evil, and is now on better terms with Zyde and Claw.


Cora is Zyde's mother. When she gave birth to Zyde, she originally want to call her Jade, but her father wanted to call her Zyde because it sounded like his name. As Zyde grew, Cora always tried to protect her from her father, but usually failed. In fustrartion, she finally left Zode. Zode told Zyde that he had killed Cora. Zyde then took her brother and ran away before they would get killed.


When the Babylon Rogues agreed to help Zyde guard the emeralds, she started to develope a crush on Storm. He also seemed to like her, and they are in a relationship. Later on, they had two children named Coro and Minehsk.


Sonic is a blue, fast hedgehog that Zyde met when she was with Bade and Claw looking for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic sped by her, with Tails following him. Zyde flew over to see what they were after, which was the Chaos Emeralds. She ended up giving him the emeralds, and later Sonic started to help guard the Vortex Emeralds.


Tails is a smart, two tailed fox that came along with sonic when they were searching for the Chaos emeralds. They happened to pass by the Rouge Unit when they were doing so, and Zyde ended up giving them the Chaos emeralds. Tails now helps out the Rogue Unit by making devices for them.

The Carnage ClanEdit

Zyde despises the Carnage Clan because they are always trying to steal the emeralds. It first started when Seema and Roxanne sneaked in one night, while everyone was still awake. Zyde and the others caught them before they had successfully taken the emeralds. A long fight came after, endind with Seema and Roxanne being tied up in chains and interrogated. Before they got any useful information out of them Black Arrow came in and helped them escape. They continued to attempt to steal the emeralds. Later on, they stopped being such a threat to the Rouge Unit, and they actually showed up at Bade and Wave's wedding.


Soria is a panda girl who she met at the Chinese Restraunt. Zyde discovered that Soria knew karate when she beat up a thug trying to rob the restraunt. She agreed to help guard the Vortex Emeralds bcause she would get to beat up intruders. Soria has a crush on Jet.

Extreme GearEdit

Zyde's Gear is named the Eye of the Dragon, and is a bike type gear, that can also convert into skate type gear. It is black with one red flame going down the middle, but she rarely uses it, because she can transform into a dragon and fly wherever she wants to travel. She got it at the black market in West Mobious so that she can challenge other extreme gear riders to races for emeralds.

Dash: 3

Limit: 3

Strength: 4

Curve: 3

During a battle with Borake, her gear exploded, so she had to get another from Brent the Raccoon, who was reluctant at first, but seeing her claws, gave it to her. It is currently called GrimWings.


X rank - Unbeatable !

SS rank - I and the dragon are one !

S rank - Yeah !

A rank - Yes !

B rank - Almost there.

C rank - Hmph.

D rank - How could this happen ?

E - No way in HE**

" DIE ! "

" This is for abusing me eight years, this is for hunting me down the next twelve years, and THIS IS FOR KILLING MOTHER ! " ( attacking her father, Zode )

"If the mess, with me, they mess with a dragon !"


Strength Level - 7

Speed Level - 4

Agilty Level - 6

Dragon TransformationEdit

This is Zyde's main ability, and it can be considered as her other half. She has this amazing gift because her father also had the ability to transform into a dragon. She uses this to transform into a dragon with it's own attacks, such as breathing fire, flying, and the Eye of the Dragon. The dragon that she transforms into is black and red, and is extremely strong with sharp claws. The more she uses this form, the darker and more sadistic her personality becomes, and she can even harm people whom she loves.

Black OrbEdit

This is one of the moves that she uses less often. She creates a black, misty orb with her hands, and she can use it to store objects or transport them. She can also teleport herself with it by inclosing herself in it. She cannot use this very often, though, as it requires an emmense amount of energy. She cannot, however, use this as an attack and is only a quick short distance transporting method, or evading method.


Zyde is exeptionally strong when she isn't in her dragon form, and is able to perform feats such as flipping over characters. She is even strong enough to break someone's arm (which she did to Claw).

Blade ClawEdit

To perform this, Zyde extends her claws the farthest that they go, jumps a high distance in the air, then lunges at her oppenent, and slams down as she slashes her opponent with great force, and it can be extremely deadly.

Strength Level 9

Speed Level 4

Quick ClawEdit

To perform this attack, Zyde extends her claws and slashes very quickly multiple times. This attack isn't as deadly as Blade Claw, but it is much faster and she can deliver many more slices with this attack.

Strength Level 5

Speed Level 10

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